Forest Fire Gospel Choir is reinvigorating the once popular love for rock n' roll by injecting their old souls into a new sound that combines emotional, gritty vocals with contemporary grooves. Five phenomenal musicians hailing from all over the country - lead vocalist & bassist Will McGee from Memphis, TN, guitarist Nick Fields from Rochester, NY, keyboardist Will Lynde from Houston, TX, guitarist Sam Hunt from Los Angeles, CA, and drummer Daniel Closser from Boulder, CO - some may call it fate that they each landed at Nashville's highly regarded Belmont University for college.

While recording together for an unrelated project on a group weekend getaway to McGee's lake house in 2014, they all felt an undeniable magic in the room - McGee's bass lines & sentimentally raw vocals paired perfectly with Sam Hunt & Nick Fields' guitar riffs and were only further accentuated by Lynde's emphatic playing of the keys. There, Forest Fire Gospel Choir was born. The later addition of Daniel Closser's progressive drumming in 2017 brought an edge that continues to inspire FFGC more than ever to explore their sonic boundaries while still remaining true their rock n' roll roots. With a new project underway, there are great things to come for Forest Fire Gospel Choir in 2019.